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EM-A of 207 Squadron RAF


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Lancaster LL902

FO. Michael John Headley Cooke

PO Howard Bruce Boddy

PO Ronald Fairclough

Sgt. Reginald George Andrew Breach

F/Sgt. Frank Ronald Stead

F/Sgt. Joseph William Laings

PO. John D'Arcy


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This is a photo of Lancaster LL902,  EM-A of 207 squadron. The crew in front of it are not the crew on this web site that died when it was crashed.


Lancaster EM-A, LL902 which following a bombing operation to Lutzkendorf, crashed when it flew into the ground on 15th March 1945 because of heavy fog whilst landing at Little Rissington in Gloucester after being diverted. Six crew died in the crash and the seventh the following day in hospital.

Lancaster LL902 flew more air operations with 207 Squadron than any other Lancaster.


The crew members were:

FO. Michael John Headley Cooke RAF(VR) 182730 - pilot


PO. Howard Bruce Boddy RCAF J/93435 - Navigator


PO. Ronald Fairclough RAF(VR) 191841 - Flight Engineer


F/Sgt. Reginald George Andrew Breach RAF(VR) 1324079 - Wireless Operator


F/Sgt. Frank Ronald Stead RAF(VR) 1147965 - Air Gunner


F/Sgt. Joseph William Laing RAF(VR) 1532375 - Air Gunner


PO. John D'Arcy RAF(VR) 196262 - Air Gunner