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Although a little late in the development of this website dedicated to the memory of the crew of ED627, I have added this page for any further information about them that may be of interest but does not relate to other pages on this site.


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These photographs were taken when the crew were first reburied in the Durnbach War Cemetery in 1947/9?. The names on the board does not include PO. Fitzgerald. I believe because he was buried in his own grave next to the communal grave of his crew. The headstones on the crew's graves are laid in alphabetical order and not necessarily where their bodies are laid.




The photo shows the three medals that all of the crew of Lancaster ED627 are entitled too.

They are, left to right....

The Air Crew Europe Star

The War Medal

The 1939 - 1945 Star



PO. Arthur Marcus Fitzgerald

Here are some other documents and information belonging to PO. Fitzgerald.

 There is a RAF Christmas card to his parents sent from RAF South Cerney in Gloucester. 

An introduction booklet describing the USAAF base at Gunter Field in Alabama, USA for the cadets. This airfield was the home of the Army Airforce Basic flying School and trained many RAF personnel to become pilots probably for many different Squadrons.

Also included are some aircraft recognition documents of American aircraft along with a Graduating card from Army Airforce Advanced Flying School at Craig Field and a photo of BT13's flying in formation. The BT13's were probably the aircraft that the student pilot's learnt to fly on.

These documents were brought back from the USA by Arthur.


Christmas Card


Front and rear covers                                                         inside          


Recognition documents


        BT 13's                North American  BC-1        North American  AT6a



Fleetwings BT12                 Republic  Guardsman


Gunter Field Introduction Booklet


front cover       Inside front           page 1                page 2               page 3       


page 4                  page 5              page 6                page 7               page 8   


page 9                 page 10            page 11              page 12               page 13 


page 14             page 15                page 16            page 17             page 18 


page 19               page 20              page 21             page 22               page 23


page 24                page 25             page 26              page 27             page 28  


   page 29                       page 30                          inside  rear               rear cover


This is a card announcing the graduation of Class 42-H which included Arthur Fitzgerald on September 5, 1942


front/rear                                           inside     


Raid on Nuremberg, August 27/28, 1943

The caption below the photo explains it all.



Contact requests

Below are two stories from newspapers that were contacted successfully with requests for help on information about the crew's families.



         Sgt. J. Goodwin                                 Sgt. W.W.G. Addison


also an email which was received that enabled contact with the relatives Sgt. H. A. Toomey.

The text of the message explains everything.