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Lancaster LM334

FO. John Welch

FO. Hugh John McCulloch

Sgt. James Seddon

F/Sgt. Keeble Charles French

F/Sgt. Geoffrey Augustine Lynch

Sgt. Leslie Thomas Reynolds

Sgt. Arthur Herbert Whetton


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Lancaster LM334, EM-V and its crew of 207 Squadron took off from Langar airfield at 21.26 hrs on August 27, 1943, three minutes before Lancaster ED627 took off. At sometime on the same night and raid this aircraft was also shot down by a night fighter and the crew of seven were all killed.

The crew of LM334 are also buried in the Durnbach War Cemetery.

Of the crew of LM334, four consisted of Australians and the other three were British airmen Their names and other information on this site has been obtained  from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the Australian "Roll of Honour" websites.


The crew were...


        FO. John Richard Welch, RAAF 413918

        FO. Hugh John McCulloch, RAAF 410698

        F/Sgt. Keeble Charles French, RAAF 415518

        F/Sgt. Geoffrey Augustine Lynch, RAAF 408909

        Sgt. Leslie Thomas Reynolds, RAF(VR) 1438887

        Sgt. James Seddon, RAF(VR) 2203354

        Sgt. Arthur Herbert Whetton, RAF(VR)


LM334 was shot down in the Nürnberg - Lohe area of Germany. The German pilot that shot LM334 down was Leutnant Johannes Hager of the II. / NJG1




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