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Listed below are the persons that have helped greatly in the information obtained about the crew of Lancaster ED627 (EM-N), the other aircraft and their crews and in the general detail and supplementary  information that this website holds about them all.

Without their support, then this website would not have been able to document the last hours of these air crews and keep their memory  more actively alive and to HONOUR them WORLDWIDE.

In doing so, it may help us to understand the feelings of all bomber crews of every nation that were involved in WWII and every other war, who unstintingly risked their lives to fight for their country, knowing that the odds of them surviving were virtually nil.

It must be also said that this applies to the men and women of all the Military Services and similar organisations  who served their country in time of war.

The poem on Sgt. John Goodwin's page sums it up for those men and women that paid the ultimate price...


Requiem for a Rear Gunner

My brief sweet life is over, my eyes no longer see,
No summer walks - no Christmas Trees - no pretty girls for me,
I've got the chop, I've had it, my nightly ops are done
Yet in another hundred years, I'll still be twenty-one

by R W Gilbert




Raymond Glynne-Owen...  Air historian for 207 Squadron.

Frank Haslem....                 207 Squadron  Webmaster      

Herr. Dr. Müller ...               District archivist at Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Daniel Stihler....                  City archivist of Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Andreas Charvat....

Wim Govaerts and Cynrik De decker          Air War Europe

Hillary Collins and Mike Turner...   St. Julian's High School, Newport City, Gwent.

Nigel Wood....    West End Local History Society.  

Lawrence Skuse for translating Michael Koziol's newspaper articles about the bomb.

Norbert Vollman, journalist for the Main-Post newspaper  for the Lancaster DV187 articles       

Michael S Koziol (iol) and the  Haller Tagblatt newspaper, Swäbisch Hall, Germany for allowing me to publish the articles and photographs of the "cookie" bomb discovered and defused during the building of the A6 Autobahn in 1977.                                                              

The Local Newspapers in the area's that the crew member's lived.

Family member's of the crew.

Some page's of his website are a joint effort between myself and the nephew of Sgt. John Goodwin, David Robinson.

David is also responsible for his uncle's web page and also for adding the "The Avro Lancaster, Durnbach War Cemetery and the Memorials" web pages to this memorial website, features which have greatly enhanced this website.