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10th March 2016

New web page added "Lancaster Remains" with photos sent to me by Siegfried Neidlein of pieces of Lancaster ED627 that he has recovered from the crash site.


25th September 2012

New photo's sent to me by Martin Terlaak in Germany of the crash site of Lancaster ED627.

See Crash Site web page


19th July 2012

New photo of Leslie Thomas Reynolds added. He was a crew member of LM334


28th May 2010

Web pages for the crew of Lancaster LL902, EM-A of 207 Squadron added.

Accessed from the side bar of the web site


4th March 2010

Links to the video's of the Durnbach War Cemetery taken by Steve Elsden and uploaded on to YouTube have now been added to all web pages of this site.

The last video by Steve was taken on the 66th anniversary of the deaths of three crews commemorated on this web site on the 28th August 2010.


9th September 2009

Photographs added of the graves of all casualties from each crew listed on this web site that are buried in the Durnbach War cemetery.

Many thanks goes to Steve Elsden, cousin of Stephen Preston for these photographs.


5th September 2009

Move to new server completed and hopefully all links now working


27th May 2009

Details of the loss of another Lancaster has ben added. This is Lancaster LM751, PG-X of 619 Squdron. Follow link in LH side bar.


15th May 2009

New web page added with the intercom chatter of three Lancaster bomber crews over their targets. Click on the "Lancaster Intercom on Op's" on the left of the pages.


21st February 2009

A new photo of him has been added to FO. Hugh McCulloch's web page in the Lancaster LM 334 link on the left side of the web pages.


23rd December 2008

New web page added, "Bombed from above" with details of bombs that fell on the aircraft from one above that the crew of ED627 were in when on operations over enemy territory. 


17th October 2008

Two new photo's of Ludwig Meister added to his photo's page accessed from his own web page



16th October 2008

New photograph of Leonard Wilson Aspden in RAF uniform added to his web page under Lancaster DV187


6th November 2007

Newspaper articles that were published in 1977 about the recovery and defusing of the 4000lb HC "cookie" bomb believed to be from Lancaster ED627 found in the path of the A6 autobahn route added both in English and Deutsch.


19th October 2007

New photo of WO. Leonard Wilson Aspden, pilot of Lancaster DV187 added.


3rd October 2007

New web page "The Bomb" added showing photographs of the recovery of a 4000lb "cookie" bomb in April 1977.

This bomb is believed to have been the one carried by Lancaster ED627 the night it was shot down


August 2007

Photographs of the crew of Lancaster DV187 grave in the Michelau cemetery when they were buried by the German authorities. Also some "now" photographs of the same place as it is today and one of their grave in the Durnbach War Cemetery after they were re-interred by the CWGC added to the DV187 main page.


17th July 2007

New webpage "Members of other Crews" added.

Further information about Sgt. Chew of DV187 and in "other crews" webpage information about FO. Wakeling and PO. Fairclough of 207 Squadron and Sgt. Norris of 576 Squadron added.


28th May 2007

The English translation of Norbert Volmanns newspaper articles about the shooting down of Lancaster DV187 of 12 Squadron has now been added to the DV187 webpage on the far left.


6th May 2007

New information about Henry Toomey's marriage.



Lancaster DV187 of 12 Squadron and Lancaster ED583 of 100 Squadron