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On 7th October 2006 my wife and I were on our way to the village of North Thoresby in Lincolnshire to attend a memorial service for the eight crew members of a Lancaster aircraft of 100 Squadron that had broken up in mid air during air trials over the village on 4th October 1943.

I have been trying to help one of the village councillors, Mr Dave Barnet to trace the families of this crew and so I took the opportunity  of visiting Langar and the airfield and to stay overnight there on our journey to North Thoresby.

It was an opportunity for me to walk in my cousins, PO Arthur Fitzgerald's footsteps and also those of his crew as well as the many other members of 207 Squadron that were based at Langar during WW2.

Interestingly, the pilot of the stricken Lancaster in North Thoresby was named Thomas Morgan, originally a RCAF member but had just transferred to the USAAF at the time of his death.

Thomas had flown a number of operations on the same raids as the crew of ED627.

The photo's below show some of the places that the squadron members would have attended such as the church and pub and they also show the original control tower which is now the home of the British Parachute Schools in Langar.

Further photo's show the runway, perimeter road and dispersal points as they are today.

Note...    All photo's with the exception of the Google Earth photo's below are Shaun McGuire 2006 - 2007


St Andrews church, Langar

The photo's show the exterior and interior of the church and the Book of Remembrance.

The photo's here are in addition too and complimentary too, the photo's already on this site in the "Memorials" page taken by David Robinson.

A "Roll of Honour" book listing the casualties of ALL 207 Squadron and No.7 Squadron RNAS  members is housed in Lincoln Cathedral and can be viewed on the 207 Squadron website by clicking this link HERE

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The Unicorns Head

This was probably the local pub that was used by the members of 207 Squadron during the their time at Langar.






The Airfield

Some photo's of the airfield showing the perimeter road, possible dispersal points and the runway photographed from one end with the control tower in the distance and also three photo's of the only original Hangar left at Langar.



The Control Tower

The control tower today is now used by the British Parachute School.




The Memorial

Some photo’s of the 207 Squadron memorial at the entrance to the airfield at Langar. Also at the memorial is a bench seat donated by Mrs Dorothy Ware in memory of her husband Sgt Thomas Skelton, one of the many air crew that never returned.



Langar photo's from Google Earth


  St Andrews Church                  Unicorn Pub                   Airfield and Runways



Memorial                              Control Tower                            Hangar