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A Lancaster dropping a "cookie" bomb

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The photographs below show the recovery and the defusing of a 4000lb HC "cookie" bomb carried by RAF Lancaster bombers.

This particular bomb is believed to be the one carried by Lancaster ED627, EM-N of 207 Squadron as it was discovered in the Hohenberg area of Wolpertshausen near to where ED627 crashed. It was uncovered during the building of the new (at that time) A6 Autobahn and defused on site in April 1977.

The story of the discovery and defusing of the bomb was told in two newspaper articles written by Michael S Koziol (iol) and published in the German newspaper Haller Tagblatt, Schwäbisch Hall.

These are reproduced below © both in English and German with the kind permission of both Michael S Koziol (iol) and Haller Tagblatt newspaper.

The German newspaper articles were kindly translated by Mr Lawrence Skuse of Cwmbran, Gwent

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Photographs and documents © Michael S Koziol (iol) and Haller Tagblatt, Schwäbisch Hall




In this photograph can be seen Pauk Kolesnikov, the bomb disposal expert with the fuses from the bomb


On this map the "X"  shows the location of where the above bomb was found during the excavation for the new A6 Autobahn. The circle on the left of the map  shows the location of the Kochertal Bridge (named after the river Kocher in the valley). Since 1979 it is the highest German autobahn bridge, 195 meters high and 1120 meters long.

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The two photographs below from the Google Earth website show the location of Hohenberg and the A6 Autobahn and the location using the map above of where the bomb was discovered