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An English translation of the German Police Report

Schwaebisch Halle, 28th August 1943
 Police headquarters,
 Schwaebisch Halle,
 Incident ref No. 161/43
 District Rural Council,
 Schwaebisch Halle
 Re: Crash landing of an English four-motor bomber on Markung Hohenberg in the administrative District of Wolpertshausen on 28/8/1943
 On Saturday 28th August 1943, an English four-motor bomber crashed and burned out on Markung Hohenberg in the administrative district of Wolpertshausen.
 The bodies of seven crew members were found at the crash site after having been thrown from the wreckage.
 It is highly probable that the crew comprised only these seven men since there is no evidence to indicate the presence of additional crew. According to eye witnesses and the facts that can be established, the bomber was shot down by German fighter planes. There can hardly be any question of resultant damage to the area since the harvest had already been gathered in.
 The wreckage was scattered over an area of 1 kilometre and was guarded by the local police and the civil defence forces of Wolpertshausen.
 A number of unexploded incendiary bombs and flares were scattered around the crash site. A large number of incendiary bombs did explode but without causing any damage. There was a large bomb crater present. No duds were found.
 The air station at Schwäbisch Halle - Hessental was informed and a number of officers arrived just before noon. They took over the salvaging of the aircraft, the burial of the bodies and the recovery of the undetonated bombs and flares.
 Witnesses to the crash, including the police lawyer Maurer in Hohenberg, indicated that the bomber had been flying towards Nürnberg. First they saw flares, then they heard machine gun fire, and finally a loud explosion. Then they saw the aircraft disintergrate and on fire. A number of local residents had run to the crash site but had not dared to approach too closely since the aircraft was burning fiercely and there were bombs lying around. The crash happened at 01.30 hrs.
 The aircraft type could not be ascertained, not even by the officers of the air staion. On the fuselage to the left and right of the national markings were the letters, EMN.
 Police Lieutenant and District Officer i/c


Location Map showing the Wolpertshausen area

Location Map showing Hohenburg, near Wolpertshausen